Saturday, April 13, 2013

Longwell, Jaron

Is he a Giant or a Mountain Troll?
Initially I intended him to be a giant... but in the discovery process what comes out?
He hates being called a giant. He was mocked as a kid for being tall. His father believed ill of his mother when Jaren began to tower over all of the other children. The village sided with the father and Jaren and his mother were cast out.

Wanna know a secret? His father's line carries the blood of the Giant Mountain Troll. Stupid man kicked his wife and kid out for nothing.  After his mother dies there is nothing for Jaren in Fairey. He crosses over to the mortal realm where he learns to fit in as best he can.  



  1. What a great yet sad story. It is awful to read about all of the women that were cast out and sometimes even killed because they had daughters.
    Wouldn't you think a family would be proud to have a giant around:)

  2. I've been doing Camp Nano as a rebel and working on the back story in more detail. It is a sad story, but he had to go through this hardship to become the man - giant troll - that he is. ;)

  3. Sounds like an interesting story, Jai. And being a Camp Nano rebel is just fine--whatever keeps you writing, right?

  4. Poor guy! It sucks when such injustice is done. But then it is good character development ;)

    1. It will all work out. Eventually.