Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I start with a blank cork board.
I then go on a discovery process.
I wander through craft and dollars stores. 
When things call to me I pay attention.
If they beckon enough.  I purchase.
For instance I felt that 'winged' things would be important.
The bird cage called out to me repeatedly, but just the cage.  No bird.
I know who the main players will be and I find someone to be them.
In this case I chose Meg Ryan to be the Woods Witch.
She is the Grand Mother and mentor to my main character. (lower left)
Angelina Jolie is the Sorceress. (Right side)
She is the mother of my MC, but she abandoned her at birth.
Now that my MC is of an age to be useful she wants her back.
(or something like that)
For my main character?
I could not find anyone that worked.  Nothing felt right.
So who is that beauty gracing the upper left corner?
I chose my daughter.
That's the beginning of the discovery process. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A point to remember

I walk my dog in the wee hours of the morning. 
I have yet to ascertain his criteria for,  Acceptable sniffing
or Let's just keep moving, Mom.

When it comes to acceptable sniffing my pup demonstrated an important principle.
No really, he did.  Let me explain.

Chester went up to the wooden fence.  Neither pup could see the other, but there was lots of sniffing and tail wagging.  At least that I could see on Chester's part. 

When Chester barked.
The pup behind the fence barked.
Chester remarked on the bark.

It was at this point I had to pull him away.  It was 4:00 am after all and people were probably trying to sleep.

As we walked away I commented to him,"You have the sniff and wag down to an art.  However it was the vocalization of the sniff and wag that was your undoing."

It was then I realized that Chester had demonstrated the principle of ...
Are you ready?

Show don't tell.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunshine award

The Sunshine Award is a way to spread a little bit of sunshine around blogs.
Here in Utah we are snowing one day and 90 degrees the next.
I vote for sunshine.
Sunshine with moderate temperatures.
Or rain.  Rain is okay, too.
I was given this great award, the Sunshine Award, by Murees Dupe and her blog Daily Drama of an Aspiring Writer. 
But wait there is more:
I got it from another blogger too:  Click's Clan

Now, for the rules that this award comes with:
10 Random things about you:

What inspired you to start blogging?
I started this blog just as a repository for blogs I wanted to follow.  I hadn't intended to start blogging but I got the itch and the rest is history.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
The kids and I were always making up stories.  Someone would say, "And then..." We'd take turns adding to the story. I still say it today.  Someone will be coughing like they are going to lose a lung and I'll say, "And then she died."  Or the kids and I will be talking and one of us will say "And then..." and make up a tale about someone at the coffee shop or what not.  It is kind of fun.

What is your favourite blog to read?
There are so many good blogs out there it is hard to just pick one.  But if I have to choose one. The blog that never fails to make me snort is Cake Wrecks.

Tell us about your dream job.
I think I'm working it.  Oh sure there are days when I don't think that way but for the most part it's a good gig.  I get to wear jeans and comfortable clothes.   People come and go with little regard for the clock.  Except for me.  They expect me to come and go on time.  But if I have errands to run I can disappear during the day.  If it is slow I can play on the computer.  All in all, it is perfect.

Is your glass half-full or half-empty?
Generally I'm a half-full kind of gal.  Except for when I'm not. Then the glass gets shattered and it doesn't matter about the water anyway.

If you could go anywhere for a week's vacation, where would you go?
Hawaii.  I went there once and love it.  We were on one of the outer islands so it wasn't crowded or touristy (too much).  It was relaxing and I loved all the chickens running around.

What food can you positively not eat?
Brain nuts.  Walnuts and pecans.  Well, I could but then I suffer until the mouth sores go away.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Milk chocolate, though I am starting to enjoy a bit of the dark now and then.

How much time do you spend blogging?
I'm not a regular blogger. But when I do blog it takes me about an hour to complete a post.

Do you watch TV and if so, what are your favourite shows?
Game of Thrones,Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries,  Downton Abby are my favs.  I can get them on HBO Go or Amazon Season Pass so I can watch them when I'm available.  That works out much better for my schedule.  I go to bed very early, but I get up early too.

And nominate 10 blogs for the award.

Shayla's TeaGarden I met Shayla through A-Z and then we supported each other through Camp Nano.  I enjoy her blog and really enjoy her stories.

Fiction Burns - Lonestar Sky is currently doing the BEDM Blogfest (Blogging every day in May).  It has been a fun blog to read.

Himsl's Shell's, Tales and Sails Sharon Himsl.  I found her through A-Z (loved the Stereo Vision) and have enjoyed her blog since.

Words, World and Wings  Cathy Ensley's blog is a fun mixture of everything.

Shell Shank Redemption I met Madeline through the A-Z and she had me at Stephen King.  A quote a day was totally awesome...oh and her tortoises too.  Sooooo cute. 

Beth Camp I met Beth through A-Z as well.  She wrote a poem a day.  How freaking awesome is that?

Okay - so that's not 10.  But a lot of blogger's have either received this award or another award. While I enjoy being nominated for an award and they are fun.  They also take time and I don't want to over load anyone.

Soooo let me deviate from the rules a bit.  If I missed you and you are thinking "What's up with that?"  Take one of my final 4 and run with it.

That's it.  Answer the questions.  Nominate blogs of your choice.  Let them know they've been selected.  Oh and post back to the blogger that nominated you.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

**PS if you are reading this and I haven't told you yet you are nominated.  My computer is doing the thing it does that makes blogging impossible.  It wants to broadband and I am NOT broadband.  I fought it and for a moment it is playing nice.  Keep 'em crossed.**

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Guilty as charged.

I will mend my ways.
Since A-Z I am at a loss for words.  Not with my regular writing but for my blog.
What should I write about - what should I say?
I'm not very interesting.

Why all this sudden remorse?

Kristen Lamb's Blog - Frankenfriends & Zombie Tweets

It is a great blog post and really hit home.  I have been a Zombie Blog and a Frankenfriend.

It you pop on over and read her blog you'll see what I mean. 

"Don't Look Down" was born out guilt because I am an intermittent blogger at best and knew I should probably blog something.  AKA Zombie Blog

I've tried to be fairly good about making the rounds.  Though I'll admit I'm not as good as I was during A-Z.  AKA Frankenfriend.

I will fail better.
= )

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some times you have to look down

Yeah, I know, normally people are telling you to look up.  But this was an instance that made me laugh at myself and so I'm sharing.

Where I work we are as paperless as possible.  We look at one computer screen for our copy and on the other screen we type our documents.  I had a rush policy but a copy of a document I needed was not in the system. 

Dang it! I thought sending a note to the gal to please put it in the system as quickly as possible.

After I sent the note it dawned on me that I had the original document on my desk. 

Well, that's embarrassing, I thought and sent another note to the gal to be sure to get it in the file but the RUSH was not urgent anymore.

I have to say that it was odd looking at an original document to gather the information I needed, it felt so awkward.  Twenty years ago when I started in this industry it was what you did.  We had files and copies of every thing.  Files could be inches thick. 

Since going paperless we don't have physical files and at the end of the process we may have used 10-30 pieces of paper.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mom's Day to all you mothers

Mine was awesome. The kids, as always spoiled me totally.


Wow.  I read the Troll Under the Stair and Trade Winds.

I love your voice.
Awesome job.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

And then my muse...

She had this idea and saw fit to share it with me. 
I really liked the idea and thanked her kindly.

I start with a story blurb to get a feel for the maybes and what ifs. 

Then I cast my protagonist to see if what I am thinking is what SHE is thinking. 

I like to pick an actor or actress who has the attributes I'd want in a main character.  It lets me hear their voice and see things from their perspective.  Without this everyone comes out sounding like me.

At first I decided I wanted Olivia Wilde.
I am most familiar with her from 'House'.  I liked her spunk on the show and thought she had many good qualities.  But something wasn't quite right. 

I thought I had a  problem because she is older than my main character. I told myself that shouldn't bother me.  They do it all the time on the telly.  30 year old actors are playing teenagers. We suspend belief and go with it.

This morning I woke up and knew what the problem was.  13 was never happy.  She had spunk and she had drive but she was not a happy person.

My quest continues.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Reflections A-Z

That, my friends, was a crazy ride. 

I am so glad that I participated in the A-Z Challenge. 
I met so many nice people and I found some very interesting blogs.

I had all my posts done prior to April except for some tweaking. I don't think I would have survived if I hadn't.  Pre-blogging allowed me to focus on reading blogs and commenting. I had a theme and I think that really helped too.

Adding Camp NaNo into the mix was not the smartest thing I've ever done and I don't think I would do it again.  But who knows I'm crazy like that. 

I loved all the different things people chose to blog about.  The world is such an amazing place. 

Congratulations to all who crossed the finished line.
Congratulations to those who even tried. 

Now I need to begin reading the ton of books I bought.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


May 1, 2013
I had to go to work and couldn't photograph the full extent of the snow that fell.
Dear Mother Nature,
We are willing and ready for spring.
Pretty please?

Why yes, those are Ladybugs in my yard.  If they wander it is at night when I don't notice.  The Foo Dogs are supposed to wander and protect the home at night.  Maybe they wander together.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The Insecure Writer's Support Group (IWSG).
They meet the first Wednesday of every month to encourage each other, share doubts and insecurities.
You can go here to encourage other participants
April was a crazy month for me.  I participated in the A-Z Challenge and Camp NaNoWriMo.  At one point I was considering reducing my word count, as is permissible at Camp.  My daughter encouraged me to not give up and strive for the 50K.  I ended with a little over the 50K.  I also got encouragement from an impromptu cabin mate, Shayla,  that I met during the A-Z Challenge. 
The month was such a whirlwind adventure trying to visit blogs, comment on comments and write 50K that there was little time left for anything else.  I am ready for life to slow down and get back to a more normal pace.