Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I start with a blank cork board.
I then go on a discovery process.
I wander through craft and dollars stores. 
When things call to me I pay attention.
If they beckon enough.  I purchase.
For instance I felt that 'winged' things would be important.
The bird cage called out to me repeatedly, but just the cage.  No bird.
I know who the main players will be and I find someone to be them.
In this case I chose Meg Ryan to be the Woods Witch.
She is the Grand Mother and mentor to my main character. (lower left)
Angelina Jolie is the Sorceress. (Right side)
She is the mother of my MC, but she abandoned her at birth.
Now that my MC is of an age to be useful she wants her back.
(or something like that)
For my main character?
I could not find anyone that worked.  Nothing felt right.
So who is that beauty gracing the upper left corner?
I chose my daughter.
That's the beginning of the discovery process. 


  1. I love this idea, thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. It's a fun process. I add things. Take things away. Work on back story and basically play with ideas until something sparks and then I'm off and writing.

  3. This sounds like fun, like a game. It is good to have fun with your writing! And I like the pic of your daughter, how sweet...

    1. It really is a game - you'd be amazed at things you'll find out about a character when you are open and willing to let them share.

      She's a doll. She was getting gussied up for her engagement pictures I think and they were snapping all kinds of photos with their phones. I thought the photographer had taken it.

  4. That's so cool- I've been doing something similar, only I've been using the private boards on my Pinterest account.

    1. I've heard of others that use Pinterest for such things. It would make sharing with others easier. I might have to look into this.

    2. It won't let me leave a message on you blog. >.< Doh!! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. A lot of writers use this kind of visual. I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but I do like finding a face or actor for main characters after they have been developed.