Tuesday, September 24, 2013

T-minus 5 days and counting.

If my Mom was alive I'd have to ask her if I was one of those kids who couldn't let anything touch.  I don't remember being that kid.  Perhaps it is a new development in my second childhood. ;))

I made the Sweet Potato Hash for breakfast. It was some what labor intensive for a weekday though I could see having this for a Sunday breakfast.  I did cheat a little and didn't peel and cube my own potatoes.

Though the magic of the frozen food aisle may I present:

However, even with this cheat it still took a while to cook.

What has this to do with food not touching???
You are supposed to mix your mass quantities of egg whites into the hash.
Not happening.  Though it might have looked more appealing.

The egg whites look like my cat got into the toilet paper again. 

It was very good. I'd make it again, but on a day when I didn't have to go to work.
BTW this is NOT a dinner plate.  Just for the record.  


  1. Hahaah! I get why you didn't want to mix them. I was and still am the kid that doesn't like her food touching. I think the fact that you prepare all your meals are great. I don't really like cooking.

    1. I'm not a cook either. bwhahahaha
      I can do it when I have to do it, however. ;)

  2. I'm not keen on egg whites (or eggs) being mixed into things. I can always taste them! I'm happy for food to touch, though - the more the flavours mingle, the better!

    1. If I get adventurous I might try it on Sunday - maybe.

  3. I buy over ten pounds of sweet potatoes every time I go to the farmers market. One drawer in my refrigerator has only sweet potatoes. Seriously. I'm obsessed. 50% of what I do with them is roasting with brussel sprouts, but the other 50% is some kind of hash with kale and eggs.