Friday, September 27, 2013

T-minus 2

Yesterday got crazy. I got crazy - crazy mad.

I stepped on the scale and GAINED??? Through this whole adventure I've either maintained or lost.  I kicked the scale under the table, bouncing it off the back wall and said, "To hell with YOU Bob!!"

My cat turned to look at me with a look so wilting that I realized I'd caused great affront.
"No, no, no, not you Bob.  The OTHER Bob."
I'm not sure he was appeased, but as I am alive this morning to tell the tale I think I've been forgiven.  He is a cat and so you never know.

When I had fruit for breakfast and lunch.  I lost an unheard of amount of weight for me.  Five pounds in one week.

When I cut the fruit to just morning, I still lost three pounds - I was not complaining.  Let's face it, I go on a healthy eating kick and lose ten pounds in three months.  I was not arguing.

When I started the week with no fruit - nada.  I maintained and then I GAINED.
Now in Bob's defense.  I am not eating week three meals.  I just can't.  I realized that my mileage would vary but I expected at least something.  I was still eating the plan - no fruit.  I was still exercising.  I was NOT pleased.

That's when I rebelled.  Not to worry.  I will still see it out until tomorrow. Not going to throw away three weeks because of a 'little' hiccup.  I committed to this thing I will see it through.  But I will see it through with FRUIT!

My computer and blogger are at war.  I will try and post tomorrow, but my wrap up will probably come on Monday.

Thanks to all who have hung in there with me.
Truth to tell, I'm not sure I could have done it if I was not reporting to you.


  1. One thing to remember is that the scale is not the only way to measure health and well being. How do you feel? Do you have more energy? Are you gaining muscle? Do your clothes fit better? (I know it's easier said than done to remember those things - just give it a shot after giving yourself a little while to be mad.) :)

    And poor Bob the Cat!

  2. Hope Bob has forgiven you! Keep going to the finishing line, I agree with Madeline health is more than just about weight. You have lost so that is brilliant. Well done you :)

  3. You can do it! You are almost over the finishing line. Good for you for not having a piece of cheesecake when you found out you gained, because that is what I would have done. You can do it!

  4. I agree with all the above comments. I do feel better. Weight has nothing to do with it. And yet...

  5. Is this your first gain in three weeks? That's great then. It's all in perspective, of course. Any climb on the scale makes me want to throw it, so I just stopped getting on. It kind of helps. But I still know it's there. Eyeing me. :)

  6. It's such a bothersome little contraptions. ;)