Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Okay - so I jumped.

I'm not a serious dieter. I tend more towards trying eating healthy. From time to time I will change up my routine and lose ten pounds or so. Sometimes I keep it off. Sometimes they come back and bring friends.  Usually the friends wander away and I lose the already "lost" weight.  Sometimes I keep it off...

It is a cycle that has been in a downward spiral and so I'm not complaining.

Over the last two years I've lost (kept off) about two stone.  Yeah, I know I'm American I'm being purposefully obtuse. I've plateaued at my current weight for a while and decided it was time to shake things up a bit and see if I could lose another ten pounds or so.  The so would be better, but I'll take what I can get.

I caught the tail end of a Dr. Oz episode and saw that Bob Harper had a book out.  I LOVE BOB.  It was called "Jump Start to Skinny."   Three weeks.  That sounded exactly like something that would be useful for me to shake things up a bit.

Really, who does not love Bob.

I bought the book and discovered it was really more for someone who put off dieting until the last moment. This was Bob's attempt to help you lose the weight without resorting to the usual crash diets that can be detrimental to your health.  

As I read through it I thought - Bob is channeling Jillian. 

800 calories a day for women - that seems nuts.  He points out that this is not a long term diet.  It is to get you into that dress, to that reunion, to that thing that you want to look good for.  It is SHORT TERM.

I wasn't going to do it.  I don't have anything three weeks from now to motivate me to go to the extreme of 800 calories AND exercise?  

Then my inner self started thinking.  
I got the book for a jump start and it IS a jump start.

I girded up my loins - went shopping and jumped in.

I'll let you know how things go.


  1. 800 calories? The nurse in me is screaming "NO!! DON"T DO IT!"

  2. It is only for three weeks. And it is changing how I look at food. I am eating SO FREAKING MUCH. After the three weeks trust me I'll add in the extras and what not.

    If it was anyone other than Bob Harper I would skitter away, but come on, we're talking Bob. I totally trust him.

  3. Looks like an interesting book! Good Luck with it!

    1. Thanks. I'm actually a couple of days ahead on the Jump Start than I am on the postings. Gives me some time to reflect.

      It is going well. I am pleased with the results so far and the best thing is I'm not hungry and it is giving me some new things to try. I really was in a rut with eating - it's a whole new world. ;)

  4. I think you are so brave and you sound really motivated. Good-luck. I know you can do it. I used to diet too. But then there comes a point where I feel really hungry and then I end up eating everything in my path. Not a good way to diet.