Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 6 & 7 - The weekend

I expected the weekend to be tough.  But it was a busy weekend and that helped.  No bored eating here.

When I pulled into Harmon's to buy my 900 pounds of produce that I will consume over the next week I realized that my daughter and I can now park near the doors.

For my daughter...

I think that is is so cool that they do this.  
The parking stalls have a picture of a stork with a baby bundle.

and for me...

I've always wanted to ask at what age parking in this spot is appropriate.
I'm terrified of the answer and continue to park with the young 'uns.

I made this soup twice this week.  I made a horrible mistake the first time and had to try it one more time before giving up on this recipe.  It is Herbed Turkey Meatball Soup.

Brown onions and celery.
Add garlic and thyme.
Add little meatballs.

Add broccoli, cabbage (missing here) I added roasted cauliflower, and broth.

Simmer for 20 minutes.  Add chopped Swiss Chard.

Plate. (Well technically, bowl)

The second go round it was delicious and filling.  What happened the first time?  The recipe called for cabbage and I saw purple cabbage.  Hey that would be pretty, I thought.  Um, not so much.  In a salad, yes.  After you simmer purple cabbage for 20 minutes it looks like gray goop.  

All in all I have to say that week one was a success.  I had my moments.  A few downs, mostly ups.  I feel good and most importantly, I have been sleeping.  It is freaking amazing.  Life is good.


  1. Good for you!! You are doing awesome and you're setting a great example for your daughter and future grandbaby. :)

  2. I'll figure out all the kinks in this system. By the time she's ready to lose the baby weight. I'll have a personalized cookbook for her.

    "Things your mother could actually cook and eat"

  3. My mom can't wait to park there, and I have no idea why. That soup looks yummy! I hope you're enjoying all these positive changes. Also, I love cabbage, and especially purple cabbage. Yummy!