Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 5: Self Talk

I have a habit of saying something aloud that I want to remember.
It is a part of getting older I suppose.

"Deodorant."  Oddly enough if I don't say this later I will think, Did I put on deodorant?
Well, you can't take a chance with something like that and there were days when I was double or triple protected.  Beats the other possibility, but still.

I use a hair torture device in the mornings.  When I unplug it to remind myself that it is unplugged I always say things like:

"As good as it gets."

The other day I was thinking and that's pretty negative.  I walk into my day thinking mediocre or gross thoughts about myself.  That's not good.  However, that's as far as that thought went.

It is not like I beat myself up because I'm overweight or my hair sucks.  It is just a part of life and I came to accept that after a year trying to shed weight prior to my daughter's wedding.  We worked HARD. Went to the gym, ate salads and other diet foods.  Nothing happened.  It was then we both said "Whatever" and accepted that this was life.  It was after the wedding that I started trying to eat 'healthy' and things began to change.  That is why I'm okay with 10 pounds here and 10 pounds there.

Today I looked in the mirror and I thought: I look toner.  
Keep in mind it is in a Mrs. Doubtfire kind of way.
(Hey you guys survived eggs in oatmeal - you can survive this visual.  Yes, I am mean that way.)

After getting ready for work I thought: Not bad.

And this is only Day 5.  I am stoked to continue on this journey,


  1. I love eggs in oatmeal, for the record. It makes it really 'stick to my ribs' as my mother would say :)

  2. And oh so creamy. I can't believe the difference it makes.