Friday, November 1, 2013


Computers hat me.  It's true.

At home my computer was so slow it wasn't worth trying to do anything.  I gave up and did all my internet computing from work.

Last Saturday my son stopped by and asked if my computer was always this slow.  I nodded and he went about getting it to run better.  Magical, magical and life was good.

Then my modem went out. 
Really computer?  Really?

I always have my work computer.  Right?
Nope. Even THAT one gave out on me.
I had to borrow other workers computers when I needed one.  
So I couldn't blog or read blogs.

I got my computer back this morning.  YaY!!
I am hoping to have more time to make the rounds and even post a little even though it is NaNo.

My new modem is supposed to get to my by next Tuesday.  Let's keep 'em crossed that it works.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.


  1. Wow, you've definitely got some crazy karma with computers right now!

    1. Yep. And my DVD player at home isn't working either. It's a good thing that it is Nano and I'm preoccupied. = )

  2. Ouch. That would drive me nuts if all that happened at once. Hopefully, a new modem will be your computer luck turning around.

    1. I hope so!! We'll find out soon.

  3. Computers huh! Mine is being really slow at the moment too.

    1. It reminds me of my first computer. Click on the site I want and go into the bathroom and work on my hair. Come out to see if the site is up yet...nope. Back to the bathroom to finish my hair. ;)