Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Where'd she go??

Sorry to drop off the face of the planet.  I got the flu that's been going around and my brain has been useless.  Zombies walked away from me with a disgusted look.  I even missed IWSG I remember thinking about it last Wednesday but that's as far as the thought went.

I'm still in the afterglow of the flu but I am feeling quite a bit better.  I knew things were looking up when I could find something funny in the disaster that was my morning.

I made a cup of coffee and when I came back this is what was waiting for me.

A ginormous puddle of coffee.  I was devastated. 
My son gave me this coffee maker.  
What could possibly have caused it to do this??

I then realized my mistake.  
A simple mistake really. 
Why it's one that anyone could have made.

It helps if you put the coffee cup on the machine and not on the drainboard.

Yep - that's the cup I was using.  Even my coffee mugs mock me now.

I will try to start making the rounds again in a couple of days.  For now I have a pile or work that I have to tackle first.  That and I have to fend off the infestation of zombies who are beating down my door.  Note to self:  Never ever offer yourself to zombies - I don't care how sick you are.


  1. You know it's bad when even the zombies don't want you. :)

    Glad you're feeling better! Keep taking good care of yourself. Speaking of zombies, you need to rest up for The Walking Dead this Sunday....

  2. Sorry you have been poorly, they do say laughter is an excellent medicine. Take care.

    1. It has been in short supply the last little bit. They need to bottle the stuff. ;))

  3. Oh, shame. I hope you are feeling better. Usually one takes a while to feel better after having the flu. Don't worry, that is a mistake than anyone could have made.

  4. Hi Jai. Sorry to hear you were so sick. I wondered where you were. Interesting you got the flu so soon. Flu hits our area in Feb. Just got my flu shot today.

    1. While I was sick they had the first hospitalization from the flu. Yikes!! Then I wondered if I still needed to get my flu shot but how would you know if you had the right strain?

  5. Oh, your coffee cup. How I'm giggling . . .

  6. Ohhhh messing with someone's morning coffee could start a war!! Really hope you are feeling better there...